Who Uses Our Product?

VPS Alert is designed specifically for risk managers whose companies have a high liability on the road. Our unique monitoring service automatically generates email alerts whenever an individual is charged with any offense in North Carolina, including all moving violations! Other companies only alert on criminal charges.

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VPS Alert

Keeping watch over your business

As you may know, employers are legally responsible for work-related accidents, whether the accident involves a company vehicle or an employee's personal automobile. For less than the cost of an annual driving record, VPS Alert notifies you daily of any charges filed against your employees.

Some drivers have a tendency to conceal their bad driving habits. VPS Alert is the only service of its kind that sends you email notification when a driver is charged with ANY charge in North Carolina. (other services only alert on criminal charges). This information empowers you to make the smart decisions needed to protect your business.

Vantage Point Services is committed to keeping watch over your business.> learn more about VPS

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VPS Alert: Gives you the best view of your employees' activity
All Charges: Be notified of all NC charges (not just criminal)
Select Charges: Select charges you deem relevant
Know first: VPS alerts you the day after data is entered in the system
Track Cases: Track cases as they proceed through the system
Updates: Be alerted to any new changes on a case
Company Safety: Ensure safety with access to the latest court records